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Group Advocates Synergy, Sales of Safe Medicine

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The Society for Pharmaceuticals Sales and Marketing of Nigeria has advocated synergy among its members.

The President of the group, Tunde Oyeniran, at the public presentation and inauguration of the society in Lagos, said synergy among pharmaceutical sales and marking practitioners would guarantee the sales of safe medicines in the country.

He noted that there was the need for practitioners in pharmaceutical sales and marketing to collaborate, network and share ideas.

“The society was established because there is a gap, and there is a need. Before, most people in sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical industry were pharmacists and they have an association but along the line, people who didn’t read pharmacy started coming into that aspect of marketing and there was no association for that.

“For instance, if you are an area salesman covering Ibadan or a regional manager covering Lagos and you are a pharmacist. And then for another company, there is a regional manager covering the same area who is not a pharmacist, you have common problems, you need to network and you need to find out information about the industry. The whole idea of society is to bring everybody, irrespective of their background to come under one umbrella as long as they are involved in sales and marketing of medicine.

“In this industry, we are serving virtually the same set of customers. There is the need for us to find a platform to network, share ideas and discuss our problems. It is also an opportunity for us to set a standard of training for our members. There is also the need for us to agree on the minimum level of knowledge to enter the industry,” Oyeniran said.

He added that society would unite to tackle the menace of fake and substandard medicines in the country.

“Traceability is always an issue when you are selling drugs. If we have an umbrella organisation, it means everyone is traceable. There are some drugs that need to be stored in a particular temperature, anything short of that could lead to deterioration of the drugs which could make the drug lose efficacy or turn to poison. By providing information and standard of knowledge, we are going to make the country safer, Oyeniran added.

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